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Saturday Fur

Fuck, I forgot about the Flashing Fur on Friday tradition. I don't have any new pictures of my fur. But to appease you readers, I'm offering you not just fur, but fur in flagrante delicto. It's furry porn, but oddly enough SFW.

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I guess when Rick Santorum warned God-fearmongering Americans how gay sex would engender all types of perversions like man-on-dog sex, he did not foresee the bestial abomination of cat-on-dog sex.

I was sitting with my mom at the local cafe, one of our dogs in heat when a neighborhood stray cat decided to practice a bit of bestiality in front of all the patrons. He mounted the dog, repeatedly, trying to sodomize it, to the shock and delight of everyone. Immediately cameras started snapping. Tomorrow, I guess,our dog Dolly will be an internet star. She won't, however be able to run for office any more,  or perhaps she'll just have to be a Republican.

Book meme

shirtlifterbear has posted a meme about the 15 books one's read. Here are the
Rules: Don't take too long to think about it. List 15 books you've read that will always stick with you. They should be the first 15 you can recall in no more than 15 minutes. 

1. Sexing the Cherry, Jeanette Winterson
2. The Handmaid's tale, Margaret Atwood
3. The English Patient, Michael Ondaatje
4. One Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabriel Garcia Marquez
5. Ficciones, Jorge Luis Borges
6. Dancing at Lughnasa, Brian Friel
7. Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Tom Stoppard
8. Collected Poems,  Geo Milev
9. Collected Poems, Peyo Yavorov
10. Codemned Souls (Осъдени Души), Dimitur Dimov
11. Principles of Mathematical Analysis, Walter Rudin
12. The Lover, Marguerite Duras
13. Lord of the Rings, J.R.R Tolkien
14. Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling
15. Collected Poems, by T.S. Eliot

I can't believe that Harry Potter came at 14. I decided not to list multiple books by the same author. Winterson, Ondaatje, and Atwood are some of my favorite writers and I have read a lot of their work. So are many of the other authors on the list. And finally, I've also read (or at least looked at in some detail) at all books by Rudin: Baby Rudin, Papa Rudin, Grandpa Rudin are the standard three. But I'm also familiar with Uncle Rudin (his book on the unit polydisk), Daddy-in-Law Rudin (on the unit ball), and Nephew Rudin (his autobiography). I'm a GEEK. 

I've read only one of the books on shirtlifterbear 's list: Dykes to Watch Out For, which is a fabulous comic book, one of the very few I've read. 


This is how you undress a bear

I've been made aware of a fabulously naughty  tradition here on LJ: Flash Your Fur Fridays. Since I don't have a new picture of mine to share--but you can ask tilia_tomentosa for an old one, already published--I thought I'd share someone else's fur, albeit a day late. Since the picture has already been distributed widely online, I don't he'll mind.

He's David Daniels, the best countertenor, and perhaps my favorite male singer. I love his voice and I lust after his furry body.  Allow me to titillate you:

The photo comes from a Munich production of Handel's Rinaldo. Here's the audio clip, where you can also enjoy his mellifluous voice. (There I go with that word again) voice:

The lasciviousness really gets going around the 2:49 mark.

Because one clip of David Daniels is never enough, here's a gem: his singing of the aria "Cara Sposa" from the same opera. Superb, magnificent, heart-rending, divine!!

If you know Mr. Daniels tell him that I'd gladly play Almirena to his Rinaldo.



Darina, aka tilia_tomentosa  and I have finally met in person. It took some serious planning, because both of us lacked the free time for a meeting, and then it turned out that scheduling the buses and the trains is not trivial in Bulgaria. It's akin to invading a small hamlet. There are even some photos, but first I'd like to get her permission to post them. Meanwhile over at her blog, there was a veiled request of a shirtless pic. Here's one  a'la paterson_si 


Burgas got hazelnut-sized hail yesterday. According to the weather people, there hasn’t been such large hail for at least 30 years.

I was on my way home, on the bus, about 200 m from my bus stop when it started. Unfortunately, my apartment is about 400-500m from the bus-stop. I decided not to brave the hail, and so huddled with some other people under the bus shelter. I was one of the last people under it, and so was near the edge, which meant that I still got hit by a few ice hazelnuts. One even hit my eyeglasses. They are fine and how lucky I am for wearing them! I waited for about 5 min for the hail to end, and, because there was no other place to stand, with my feet in a puddle which kept getting colder and bigger.

Once the hail ended, I braved the rain. The streets, which are all downhill from the bus-stop, had turned into fast rivers. To cross them, I had to wade in ankle-deep rushing cold water. There were places where the water was overflowing onto the the sidewalks. I was lucky that I was wearing flip-flops and, for the first time this year, shorts. Otherwise, my jeans would’ve been caked with mud.

Less than half-way home, I realized I was completely drenched, with my underwear being the only thing dry on me. What could I do but laugh hysterically at the ridiculous situation. So, there I was, sloshing through the rising streams, completely wet through, and laughing like a maniac, my initial annoyance turning into loopy enjoyment. I must’ve seemed deranged to the people huddled in the entryways of building, waiting for the storm to pass.

The storm has since passed and the evening is one of the most fragrant. I walked the dogs tonight, breathing deeply the wonderful aroma of clover, hay, and, unexpectedly, a woodsy pine smell.


Some days I feel so militant, that I just want to go on a rampage and swathe the world in pink chiffon. I shall be known as Queen Oberon and you shall all fucking gay-marry. And the only allowed music at your wedding shall be Opera. You shall sing my praises, and bear bears as gifts.

PS. I was a founding member of the Evil Genius Organization on campus, so I already have minions to dispatch to do my bidding.

PPS. Here's an absolutely hot Oberon incarnation:

Feb. 19th, 2009

I made a regrettable lunch decision today. Some weeks ago a friend of my boss's told me that this one restaurant at one of the shopping centres in town had the best risotto in Burgas. So today for lunch I decided to go there. I ordered the chicken with mushrooms and carrots risotto. Well, it was worse than any of my failed risotto attempts; it was the worst risotto, I've ever had. It lacked creaminess, it was dry and tasted as if it had come out of a box of Uncle Ben's rice. More or less it was appropriate mall food in the US.

First Entry

There won't be much on my page on livejournal. I created the account, because I wanted to post on tilia_tomentosa. I do have a blog on wordpress.com, oberonbg.wordpress.com. You are welcome to check it out.

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